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Some Basic Things to Consider When Buying Gas Grills

I've been looking at gas grills lately. It is amazing how many different varieties and price points there are. You can literally spend thousands of dollars on one of these behemoth units with all the bells and whistles, or you can opt for a simple one that cooks the food (according to some) just as well. But I'm not here to argue about that.

  • 3 Jul 2017

Gas BBQ Grills: A Range of Features

Gas BBQ grills have earned a rightful place in the backyards and on the porches and patios of people all over the country, indeed, around the world. With good reason too. They are convenient and reliable.

I went on a quest to the store today to really take a close look at the gas BBQ grills they had there.

  • 30 Jun 2017

Five Benefits of Gas BBQ Grills

When we were first married, we lived out in the country and had a basic charcoal barbecue grill. But when we moved and returned to school, we were living in town, and disposing of the ash became more of an issue. Our grill was getting a bit old anyhow, so we decided to take a look at gas BBQ grills. It was spring time, so there were a lot of BBQ's available.

  • 8 Jul 2017
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1 Jul 2017
Posted By Cleo P.

When Considering To Buy A Gas Grill Keep These Things In Mind

One of the biggest signs that the warm weather has finally arrived is the scent of barbeque in the air. More than just a cooking apparatus, they symbolize warm sunshine and get togethers with family and friends. Some people still choose to use charcoal grills, but these can be messy to clean and take time to heat up enough to cook on. This is why many people now opt to buy gas grills.
27 Jun 2017
Posted By Janet D.

Keep Your Truck Grill Looking Like New And Make It Last Longer By Keeping It Polished

We all like the look of a shiny truck grill, but when was the last time you paid any attention to yours?Most of us hardly have time to make sure our grill is looking good, we simply wash our truck and that is about it. We constantly put off taking care of our grill all spring and summer. But not taking care of your grill is really a disservice to your truck. By just taking a few minutes to care for your grill you can keep it shining and looking good for many years to come.
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11 Jul 2017
Posted By Gretchen T.

Charcoal and Gas Grills Compared

Gas grills are on a lot of people's minds lately. This is understandable after enduring a long hard winter of cold, snow, and no barbecue picnics or cook outs. Spring is right around the corner so, if you're like many other people, you are starting to think about grilling steaks, kabobs, and other culinary delights on the bbq.
11 Jul 2017

9 Labor Day Grilling Hacks

It's time to grill like a pro. Check out more awesome BuzzFeedViolet videos! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedviolet Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos!

22 Jul 2017

The Chemistry of Grilling

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23 Jul 2017

Grilling Recipes - How to Make Baby Back Ribs

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